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At SoundHouse, we believe that music lessons should be fun, educational, and personalized to ensure the best experience for our students. Our instructors have significant performing and teaching experience. They're friendly, fun, and compassionate to make you your best. We offer two different lesson lengths—30 minutes or 60 minutes—so you can choose what works best for you!


Piano Lessons

Learning how to play the piano is the most recommended means of introducing music to students. The piano is known to be a versatile instrument that can solidify an understanding of music theory and mold skills like ear training and rhythm, which are applicable to other instruments or types of music. For students with a general interest in music and/or composition, we recommend starting with piano before branching off to other instruments. This makes for nearly seamless transitions and more enjoyable learning experiences.

Voice Lessons

Voice students spend time each week doing physical exercises to improve their vocal range, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation, and more. All voice students set goals with their teacher to work on sounding like their favorite recording artists, preparing for a contemporary performance, theater audition, or if they prefer, to develop their own unique voice just because.


Drum Lessons

Playing drums can be as much of a physical exercise as it is a musical one. Our students learn to feel the beat and develop the skills to play drums to the songs they love!

Guitar & Bass Lessons

Our guitar lessons are tailored to fit the student, wherever their skill level. First timers and experienced students can expect to learn new techniques and strategies to play their favorite songs. We may use a variety of method books, rhythmic exercises and other resources to grow as guitar players. Teaching tabs, chords and notes gives our students the necessary skills to learn what they like to listen to!

Guitar Lesson
Boys in Guitar Class

Buddy  Lessons

Twins, siblings, friends, neighbors?

Buddy lessons are ideal for students close in age learning the same instrument.

Group Lessons Coming Soon!

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